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The University Store on Fifth

The University Store on Fifth is an independent college book store, owned and operated by the University of Pittsburgh for more than 100 years. The store’s mission is to provide faculty, staff, students, and the community with the items they need to succeed and represent their pride in the University.

The store carries Pitt-branded apparel and gifts, school supplies, and technology accessories. The University Store on Fifth is an Authorized Apple Campus Store and repair center and carries a variety of technology products and accessories. It is also the largest independent general book seller in the city. The store supports author and speaker events in store and on campus.

4000 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Upcoming Events

24 Sep

Make your very own journal to record the adventures of a new academic year! Learn some simple stitch binding techniques, try out a tabletop letterpress, and...

29 Sep

Sources for poetry are all around us: newspaper articles, scientific and law journals, junk mail, comments sections.... Explore two forms of found poetry in...

13 Oct

We're surrounded by lists every day: playlists, grocery lists, menus, wish lists. Umberto Eco said that "the list is the origin of culture." It can certainly...

24 Oct

Have you seen blackout poetry on Instagram or Tumblr? Learn how to create your own, and turn it into a mini-book to keep or share! The first part of this...

27 Oct

Ekphrastic writing is work inspired or stimulated by a work of art. Photographs, because of their senses of immediacy and intimacy, can be especially useful...

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