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About the Events Calendar

The University of Pittsburgh Events Calendar provides a centralized system for managing events of interest to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors.

The calendar offers a variety of ways to search, filter, and browse. Postings in the events calendar will also appear in Pitt departmental sites, online publications, and news outlets.

How to Include Your University Events

You may submit an event for consideration online. If you post many events for your department, center, or other unit, you may ask to become a publisher, giving you access to post your unit’s events directly. Publishers must attend a training session prior to gaining access. You may request calendar training and publisher access online. For questions, please contact us.

Using the Events Calendar

While the events calendar offers an intuitive user experience and much can be discovered as you navigate through the site, some of the many features may not be immediately apparent.

The following guide covers additional details on the following topics:

How to Find Events

Your User Profile


How to Find an Event


You can find events by filtering by event type, topic or target audience.

Screenshot of filter menu

University Units & Groups

Search for events by university unit which are departments, centers or institutes. Also search by groups which are other groups around the university. All university units and groups have their own landing page to display events, a description about them, along with a photo.

Screenshot of units and groups navigation


Search for events by location.

Screenshot of places navigation


In the right sidebar there is a block called Other Calendars. This will mainly be calendars for schools or large university events.

Screenshot channels navigation menu


Some events are grouped by tags with a like identifier. You can search for tags in the search bar or when inside an event, you can click on one of the tags.

Screenshot of event tags

I'm Interested, Buying Tickets and Inviting Friends

I'm Interested

Inside each event you can select ‘I'm Interested’. The event will be added to your user profile calendar, which can be found in User Profile > My Calendar. You will receive notifications — one is a reminder email the day before your event, and the other is a review of the event after the event takes place. The review will not be posted publicly, it will only be seen by the event organizers.

This is not an RSVP and does not guarantee admission or grant you a ticket to the event. If you decide you are no longer interested you will see the ‘Not Interested’ button under your event and simply select that.

Screenshot of I'm Interested button Screenshot of I'm Interested status

Ordering Tickets

Buy Tickets or Register buttons appear when an event is ticketed. Register appears when the event is free, but still requires a ticket. Buy Ticket appears when there is a cost associated with the event. Click the button to be directed to the ticketing system. Ordering a ticket does not automatically cause you to receive notifications about the event from the calendar. You must still click the I'm Interested button to receive notifications per your notification preferences.

Screenshot of Buy Tickets button

Inviting Friends

Inviting Friends button appears on event pages next to indicating interest. Can invite all friends you've added in User Profile > Friends & Places or enter the emails of the ones you want to invite. They will receive an email with an event invitation.

Screenshot of Invite Friends button

Your User Profile

Creating a profile

User profile shows an overview of your upcoming plans, activity, and groups or departments you're following. Also, you can correspond with group members or friends, add your profile information and set notification and privacy preferences.

Screenshot of login link

To create a profile you need to log in. Click “Log In” in the top right-hand corner and a new window will appear. Click the blue “Login with School ID” button... This will take you to the Secure Login where you will use your Pitt credentials to login through Multifactor Authentication.

Screenshot of login frame

Once you are logged in, hover over the icon in the top right. You will see “ME” along with a drop down displaying links to various user’s profile information.

Screenshot of user menu

Dashboard: Shows your calendar activity.
My Calendar: When you follow a group or department their events will appear in your calendar. Also, you will receive events if you indicate "I'm Interested."
Messages: Send messages to group members or calendar friends.
Reviews: All events that were RSVP’d through "I'm Interested" button will be listed for review at any time once they have passed.
Friends & Places: Lists all friends that accepted your friend invitation. Also, includes locations that you follow.
My Groups: Groups or units you're following. If you're a group or unit officer, then this is where you can edit the group or unit description.
Photos: Upload photos and create albums or set as a profile picture.
Settings: You can provide profile information such as a photo, zip code, gender and birthday. Also, you can change your password. In the Social connections section, users can connect to the options listed OR login through the calendar homepage. You can opt out to receive notifications and also select your privacy and visibility settings.

Follow specific university units, groups or places.

To follow a university unit, group or place you first need to find their page. Once you select one of the options you will be brought to a list page of all of the units, groups or places. From there select which one you want to view.

Screenshot of navigation menu buttons Screenshot of university units

You will be brought to the landing page of your selection and you will just click “Follow”. This means that every event that falls under this unit/group will be added to your calendar. If you want to unfollow, go under your profile drop down > groups > delete.

Screenshot of Follow button

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