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Science 2019: Cellular and Protein Signaling and Trafficking

This spotlight session at Science 2019 will feature four Pitt scientists sharing brief presentations of some of their latest research and findings on the theme of “Cellular and Protein Signaling and Trafficking.”


Marijn Ford, PhD — Using Cryo-Electron Microscopy To Catch Old Dogs Doing New Tricks: The Story of the Sorting Nexin Mvp1

Allyson O’Donnell, PhD — The Heart of the Matter: Alpha-Arrestin Regulation of the Cardiac Potassium Channel Kir2.1 

Quasar Padiath, MBBS, PhD — The Spatial Organization of the Nuclear Lamina

Steven Graham, MD, PhD — Ubiquitin Carboxyhydrolase L1, Axonal Transport and Synaptic Function: A Target for Restoring Function after Brain Injury

Thursday, October 17 at 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

William Pitt Union, Room 548
3959 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260