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Dr. Nathan DeWall: The Pain of Rejection: The Sweet and Bitter of Relationships

Most people crave social acceptance. Like a sweet snack, social acceptance is pleasant, rewarding, and, in moderate amounts, associated with good health. Social rejection, in contrast, thwarts the fundamental need for positive and lasting relationships, which strikes at the core of well-being. The current talk presents a program of research on the power of social rejection in shaping cognition, emotion, and behavior. The first section demonstrates how social rejection influences a variety of responses, from self-regulation to aggression. The second section discusses how responses to social rejection share common overlap with physical pain processes. The final section illustrates how people cope with social rejection. 

ATTENTION TO GRADUATE STUDENTS ONLY: There will be a writing workshop presented by Dr. DeWall before the event starting at 2pm in 4127 Sennott Square. Please see Events page for more information and details on this workshop.


Reception to follow in 4125 Sennott Square

Friday, March 1 at 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

210 South Bouquet Street, 4127 Sennott Square 210 South Bouquet Street Pittsburgh PA 15213