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19 Sep

Using video to teach can promote self-paced mastery learning for your students and reduce the number of times you must cover the same content. Panopto...

September 19, 2019 2:00 p.m.
20 Sep

PowerPoint is used in a majority of classrooms on campus today, but it is not often used to enhance the quality and effectiveness of teaching. In this...

September 20, 2019 10:00 a.m.
20 Sep

Introduction to Mentor Training and Maintaining Effective Communication This session will launch the fall sessions for the Mentoring Academy. The first of...

September 20, 2019 12:00 p.m.
23 Sep

Top Hat's student engagement software is now available for all faculty and students at Pitt to use free of charge. This workshop serves as an introduction to...

September 23, 2019 10:00 a.m.
24 Sep

Gradescope is a system to help you grade and return assignments in less time. Gradescope will help you organize and grade hand-written assignments, or other...

September 24, 2019 10:00 a.m.

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