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Center for Creativity

Established in 2016, the Center for Creativity (C4C) seeks to foster connections between and among members of the University community whose scholarly efforts and passions are rooted in “making stuff”: stories, pictures, music, scenes, statements, apps, messes, etc.  

The C4C Workshop, located in the University Store on Fifth, is a collaborative creative space open to all Pitt students, faculty, and staff. The Workshop features a wide range of creative equipment and materials, from musical instruments to art supplies to a 3D printer, all free to use. 

Upcoming Events

13 Jun

Get ready for Pollinator Week (June 17-23) by learning how to create one-of-a-kind prints using natural materials! Most printing methods use one plate to...

17 Jun

Looking for a way to record your summer explorations? Make your own journal to fill with notes, drawings, leaf rubbings, or whatever else takes your fancy....

18 Jun

Did you know that pollinators are responsible for 1 out of every 3 bites of food you take? Celebrate these environmental powerhouses during Pollinator Week...

20 Jun

Celebrate butterflies, those indefatigable pollinators who help keep our world growing, in this unique workshop. Start by visiting the University Library...

21 Jun

Uncover the world of cyanotype, an alternative photographic print method known for its rich blue tones. See how this camera-less process captures beautiful...

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